GT-7001-LAC Open Crosshead Servo Control Universal Testing Machine
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Open Crosshead Servo Control Universal Testing Machine

For testing of strength in tension, compression, bending, shearing, rapture and etc.

It can be used for various raw materials, semi-finished and finished products which are essential to manufacturers performing quality control and academic organizations for studying the physical properties of raw materials.

Model GT-7001-LAS 100 GT-7001-LAS 50 GT-7001-LAS 30 GT-7001-LAS 20 GT-7001-LAS 10
Capacity 1000kN 500kN 300kN 200kN 100kN
Speed(without loading) 0.01~70mm/min 0.01~90mm/min
Display Method By Computer
Load Range Rangeless(full scales at the same amplification)
Resolution 1/200,000(or 1/300,000)
Accuracy ±1%
Driving Method Servo Hydraulic Control System
Tensile Max.Space(1) 660mm 495mm
Grips for Rod(rod dia.) Ø13~Ø75mm Ø12~Ø50mm Ø10~Ø40mm
Grips for Plate 70×90mm 50×80mm 40×60mm
Compression Effective Space(2) 790mm 640mm
Diameter of
Ø160mm Ø120mm Ø100mm
Bending Effective Space(3) 365mm 390mm 380mm
Bending jig Max.Space
between two
340mm 390mm
Fulcrum Size
Punch Radius of
R22mm R16mm
Punch Width 160mm 120mm 100mm
Ram Stroke 220mm 220mm
Speed-adjusting Mode Adjustable electrically
Effective Space Between two Columns 650mm 495mm 500mm
Crosshead Driven by Hydraulic System
Crosshead Speed(Up/Down)(approx.) 200mm/min
Main Unit 116×68×
126×90×275cm 96×60×226cm
Control Unit 119×69×145cm 109×65×116cm 119×69×145cm
Main Unit 3630kg 2600kg 1470kg
Control Unit 255kg
Power 3°”,220V,20A;

 Note£ļ(1)excluding the ram stroke£Ľ(2)£¨(3) includes the installed compression plate and the ram stroke.

£™Specification and content are subjected to change without notice.

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